A place on the Woodstock Square where teens can Hang out, be offered Help, and experience Hope in Jesus Christ.
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A Letter from Dr. Brian Sager, Mayor
Woodstock Independent (July 2012)
Northwest Herald (June 2012)
Northwest Herald Editorial (June 2012)
Chicago Tribune Local (June 2012)
In November of 2010 we rented the Elks club for a free concert and hosted four bands. We walked around the Woodstock Square and invited teens to come and check it out. Over one hundred showed up. Little did we know at that time that we would be purchasing this building for a youth center.

The pictures are of the band that came from Birmingham, Alabama, "I Am Terrified". They started their band in 2004 and there last CD was out June of 2010. It was pretty cool, because these guys really did come all of the way up from Alabama for this gig.
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